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April Fools Day, also known as Marauders Day, went well. We sucessfully dyed the whole of Slytherin's hair red and gold. We even added the touch of making Snivellus' scroll "Gryffindor." To make things all the better, we beat them at Quiddich that day. They seemed to be confused on which team to cheer for.

Andie and Tonks invited us over for a good April Fools Day party. I was pranked, and very well, by Remus, which I must admit, took me completely by suprise. He and Peter plotted, brilliantly, to make Peter look like Lucius Malfoy. It worked rather well. Polyjuice is an amazing thing. Then we pranked Prongs by making him think we were having a spat. He bought the whole mess. It was fabulous.

I have hopes for the end of this school year. I hope by the end of the year that I can really figure out what I'm doing with my life. I hope to be an Auror, but that's never for sure. I also mean to do something about Snivellus, and soon.

More on things later.

Next Class: Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
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I am defiant
I am a rockin road
I’m shootin down the moon tonight
I’m gonna shoot it down

I am defiant
I am a shooting star
I’m flyin home to see my love tonight
I’m gonna fly on home

I am defiant
I am a secret smoke
I’m breaking outta here tonight
I’m gonna break outta here

I am defiant
I am misty muse
I’m callin out to you tonight
I’m gonna call out

- night all -

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Remus has been angry with me for a while cause I don't make much of an effort for school. She's not the only one. Andie scolds me about my marks, too. Well, let it be known, that from yesterday on I, Sirius Black, will be studying. Yes, I still hate the idea of it, but, this is for both myself and Remus. I want him to see that I can be mature...

Now that the months until graduation are growing few, I need to look ahead. I want to buy a flat and get a job, a real job. I can't wait to get there. Get there... with Remus.

I'm going to try to do something for Valentines Day tonight.

Next Class: Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
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Current Plots: Valentines Day Night, Prove Myself to Remus, April Fools (Finale)

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calm calm
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Last night was a full moon. It has become one of those things that happens without much in the way of a hitch any longer. I just wish it didn't have to happen at all...

I woke up this morning a bit groggy from eating something last night at the shack, but that aside, I was fine. James is mad at me. Remus is sleeping. Peter is busily cramming for this quiz we apparently have in about an hour. And I... I'm going to do something to impress Remus. I need this to go well because if I don't, well, having a boyfriend that is angry at me doesn't sound too good. I think I know what it'll be, but I'm not sure that I'll be telling just yet. Give it a few days.

Next Class: History of Magic

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Current Plot(s): Impress Remus, April Fools (Finale)

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contemplative contemplative
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