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April Fools and Other Such Things

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April Fools Day, also known as Marauders Day, went well. We sucessfully dyed the whole of Slytherin's hair red and gold. We even added the touch of making Snivellus' scroll "Gryffindor." To make things all the better, we beat them at Quiddich that day. They seemed to be confused on which team to cheer for.

Andie and Tonks invited us over for a good April Fools Day party. I was pranked, and very well, by Remus, which I must admit, took me completely by suprise. He and Peter plotted, brilliantly, to make Peter look like Lucius Malfoy. It worked rather well. Polyjuice is an amazing thing. Then we pranked Prongs by making him think we were having a spat. He bought the whole mess. It was fabulous.

I have hopes for the end of this school year. I hope by the end of the year that I can really figure out what I'm doing with my life. I hope to be an Auror, but that's never for sure. I also mean to do something about Snivellus, and soon.

More on things later.

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