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Valentines and Studying

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Remus has been angry with me for a while cause I don't make much of an effort for school. She's not the only one. Andie scolds me about my marks, too. Well, let it be known, that from yesterday on I, Sirius Black, will be studying. Yes, I still hate the idea of it, but, this is for both myself and Remus. I want him to see that I can be mature...

Now that the months until graduation are growing few, I need to look ahead. I want to buy a flat and get a job, a real job. I can't wait to get there. Get there... with Remus.

I'm going to try to do something for Valentines Day tonight.

Next Class: Advanced Care of Magical Creatures
Location: Sitting under a tree near class
Current Plots: Valentines Day Night, Prove Myself to Remus, April Fools (Finale)

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